Our Goal

Imagine if you had access to the experiential learning of all your peers before you, access to everything they have learnt that made their working lives easier, made them more productive, and helped them better look after their patients.

Our working lives are filled many small moments of experiential learning that can be captured with text, photos, or videos, and put in context for later retrieval by us and others.

Examples might include:

  1. - Tasks to be done when admitting your diabetic patient to the medical ward

  2. - Where to find that well hidden protocol or guideline on the intranet, or

  3. - How to use that old bit of equipment that has no manual

  4. - Where to find something to eat at 2am in the morning on nightshift.

What is Colligative?

Colligative has been engineered to be a novel, crowdsourced knowledge network for clinicians. It has been designed to be accessible wherever you are, on whatever device you use (although we suggest you avoid the inferior experience of Internet Explorer 7).


Our team

We are Pieter Peach and Sjors Provoost. The former is an anesthesiologist living and working in Melbourne, Australia, and the latter, a programmer and physicist based in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Contact us

This is an evolving project that relies heavily on feedback from clinicians like you.

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on ways to improve Colligative at feedback@colligative.com

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